Victreebel.gif Victreebel
HP: ?
Exp.: ?
Typ: Trawiasty
Wymagany poziom: 50

Bellsprout, lvl 5

Weepinbell, lvl 18

Victreebel, lvl 50

Opis: It pools in its mouth a fluid with a honeylike scent, which is really an acid that dissolves anything.

Razor Leaf - m1 - level 50

Vine Whip - m2 - level 50

Acid - m3 - level 50

Poison Bomb - m4 - level 50

Slash - m5 - level 50

Stun Spore - m6 - level 50

Poison Powder - m7 - level 50

Sleep Powder - m8 - level 55

Leaf Storm - m9 - level 65

Umiejętności: Cut
Nastawienie: Pasywny
Lokalizacja: Nieznane.
Loot: Leaf Stone, Seed ,Leaves, Bag of Pollem

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