Fearow Fearow
HP: ?
Exp.: 800
Typ: Latający
Wymagany poziom: 50
Ewolucje: Spearow, lvl 10 Fearow, lvl 50
Opis: It has the stamina to keep flying all day on its broad wings. It fights by using its sharp beak.
Ataki: Quick Attack - m1 - level 50

Sand Attack - m2 - level 50

Drill Peck - m3 - level 59

Gust - m4 - level 50

Whirlwind - m5 - level 50

Wing Attack - m6 - level 52

Tornado - m7 - level 60

Rage - m8 - level 55
Umiejętności: Fly
Odgłosy: Nieznane.
Nastawienie: Agresywny
Loot: Straw , Feather, Heart Stone

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